PathO₃Gen UVC + Ozone Footwear Sanitizing Station 99.9% Pathogen Reduction



Revolutionary Breakthrough Disinfection Technology

Exclusive and patented technology using UVC + Ozone
Efficacy – proven by independent studies by leading and renown laboratories
- 2020 - CREM Co Laboratory study proved that in just 8 seconds the FSS wiped out Coronavirus 229E, the EPA recommended surrogate standard for testing the efficacy of all products used to combat COVID-19.

- 2019 NSF International – Applied Research Center study proved pathogen reduction on shoe soles up to 99.999%.

- 2017 University of South Florida study conducted by Dr. Dao and Dr. Sun proved in 8 seconds, the FSS killed over 99.59% of MRSA CFUs and 97.5% C. Difficile CFUs.

▪ Ease of Use
o Simple Installation – place the FSS into the custom mat and plug in to a standard outlet
o Walk on to unit, stand for 8 seconds or less and walk off
o Supports up to 400lbs and approved for children weighing 42lbs or more
o No additional FTEs required
o Can be used with any footwear - shoes, shoe covers and socks

▪ Safety
o UL Certified
o ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer
o Quality manufacturing, made in the United States
o Protect your vulnerable Patients and your Healthcare Professionals and Staff

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