Jansan Blue Diamond Ice Melter 20kg



Blue Diamond is one of the fastest acting ice melters available, it is designed for quick and powerful removal of snow and ice melting at temperatures as low as -18C.

Blue Diamond is colored blue for effective and consistent application and is designed to have increased traction control and corrosion inhibitors for increased safety.

Blue Diamond is coated with Magnesium Chloride for enhanced melting power, environmental sustainability and safer removal of ice and snow.

Blue Diamond is a safe, economical and environmentally sustainable solution to maintaining salt walkways free of snow and ice.

Blue Diamond can be applied at approximately 1lb to 4.5lB per 540 sqft when spread evenly over an icy surface

Blue Diamond's quick melting action helps improve the removal of ice and snow buildup. Do not use excessively in a concentrated area and reseal unused packaging to prevent hardening of the product during storage.

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