CA-N95 Flat-Fold Face Masks for Children - Made in Canada $1.60 per Mask

Color: Black (XSmall)


CA-N95 Flat-Fold Face Masks Black Size Small Made in Canada

10 masks per package



BLACK AND WHITE masks are size XSMALL, suitable for children 4 to 11 years old

BLUE masks are size SMALL, suitable for children 11 and older


  • Made in Canada
  • N95 equivalent (not Niosh N95)
  • Multiple Colors: Black, Blue or White
  • 4-ply protection 


  • PFE  ≥ 95%
  • Mask Dimension: 7.0625” X 2.6875”
  • Latex and graphene Free

Innovative 3D shaped design that provides an enhanced seal around the face area, and helps prevent airborne bacteria contamination.

The expanded area surface increases airflow for easier breathability.

A double layer of highly breathable meltblown effectively filters harmful particles and viruses by ≥ 95%.

Extra soft fabric provides long-lasting comfort.

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