Mushroom Patio Heater



Mushroom patio heaterMushroom Patio Heater Gas Type: Propane, Butane And Mixtures (LPG)

  • Gas Type: Propane, Butane and mixtures (LPG)
  • Heat output: max: 12KW (450-870g/h)
  • Anti-tilt switch and flame auto shut-off device is included
  • Sectional/4-pc aluminum reflector
  • 304 Stainless Steel burner
  • Total height: 2.21m(H)
  • Reflector dia.: 81cm
  • Burner dia.: 27.5x53cm(H)
  • Main pole: φ7.6*85cm(H)x1.2mm(T)
  • Tank housing dia.: 38x77cm(H)
  • Tank base dia.: 46*9cm(H)
  • CE certified
  • Regulator and hose INCLUDED

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