Proper Pandemic Protocols for Property Managers

There are a lot of aspects of life that have changed since COVID-19 entered our world. One concern is when groups of people come together. Although most large gatherings and events have been cancelled or transitioned to a virtual version, condo and apartment buildings and office facilities are locations where many people are coming and going in the same space. It is important for facility managers to be vigilant in the cleaning regimes and protocols that have been put into place. MCL will partner with you to ensure you have the supplies needed to keep everyone safe. This article will provide an overview of suggested best practices for facility managers. 

One of the first things we suggest doing is to confirm legal obligations with regards to regulations and government directives. Pay close attention to your liability for guests of the building and the right to restrict access to common areas and amenities if needed. Depending on the situation, you may consider limiting access of non-essential visitors.

As far as the property management and janitorial responsibilities of a rental property, these are the key areas we suggest focusing on and how to handle them. Of course, it’s essential your staff are aware of additional guidelines and be equipped with the proper tools and PPE if required. (For more information about what PPE is required, read our post Navigating Personal Protective Equipment)

#1 Frequently Touched Surfaces

Most likely, you will need to increase your cleaning routines to accommodate frequent sanitizing of high-touch areas. These can include elevator buttons, door handles, escalator or stair railings and security or reception desk areas. This portable atomizer and disinfectant spray gun will quickly and efficiently clean high-traffic areas. Filled with Environize Anolyte disinfectant, it will kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs.

#2 Washrooms

If there are communal washrooms, they will need special attention. Surfaces need to be cleaned before being disinfected. Always follow the directions to allow for enough contact time so the product will work as intended. Germosolve can be used on floors, counter tops, walls, porcelain tiles, hardwood, acrylic, sealed fiberglass, vinyl, toilets and faucets. It is recommended by Health Canada and can disinfect in as little as 5 seconds.

#3 Communal Kitchens and Common Areas

Eating and sharing food is considered a high risk and if your facility has a communal kitchen, break room or common area with food prep space, you should carefully consider how it should be used.

If the space is necessary or is considered to be operated in a safe way, all surfaces should be cleaned appropriately. Posting cleaning instructions or expectations in a prominent spot will help remind users to leave things as they found them. Janitorial staff will also need to clean these areas with increased frequency. 

For large areas the TVX X-5 Corded Disinfectant Fogger may be more appropriate. This lightweight unit disinfects and sanitizes open areas quickly. Low pressure is applied to a high volume of air, pushing the solution through a nozzle to create a mist. The solution hangs in the air before settling on and disinfecting/sanitizing all the objects in a room, including the nooks and

crannies not easily accessible by hand cleaning.

In addition to these key areas, we recommend hand sanitizer dispensers at entrance points.This pedal-activated dispenser allows for contactless protection and is completely mechanical - no batteries required. This high-tech version allows for customized messaging on an LCD screen. 

Consider the people that are coming and going from your building and how you can effectively communicate with them. You may consider printing safety protocol sheets and have them available or posted in strategic areas. Directional arrows and social distancing markers on the floor might be appropriate as well as signs limiting the number of occupants in the elevator, washroom or laundry area.

From large to small, MCL has the right cleaning supplies and tools to get the job done right. If you have questions or concerns about adhering to COVID-19 cleaning standards, reach out to us. We can help you find the right products to suit your needs.