It’s Time to Make the Connection

Sustainability is a topic that has been important for, well, probably forever. However, it is only in the last few years that it has received the focus it deserves from the world at large. The reality is finally starting to sink in: We cannot continue to waste resources at our current pace and expect Mother Earth to remain unscathed and the health of her inhabitants to be preserved. These resources include everything from paper and plastic to water and energy—and so much in between. The need for conservation exists in every faction of the supply chain, from manufacturers and distributors to merchants and consumers.

Connected Leadership

Perfecting and adopting more sustainable processes and solutions presents challenges, often significant ones. But it also introduces opportunities, particularly for those in the cleaning and health sectors. In fact, these intertwined industries that touch every human— every living thing—provide an unprecedented chance to be in the forefront of the sustainable movement.

Accepting this leadership role will give us personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment; we also will gain kudos for our efforts, which will translate into better hires and more customers and dollars, especially as younger buyers want to know the organizations they associate with “care.” But perhaps most satisfying, becoming stewards of sustainability will turn the world’s spotlight on the vital role—and inseparable connection— between cleaning, infection prevention and preserving the health of the earth and its inhabitants.

To lead the charge toward this cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world, however, we must first “get” the connection ourselves. We must understand our role and accept the challenge it presents, and, most importantly, we need to discover processes, strategies and solutions that will help us reach our goal.

This is the “why” behind the Canadian Sustainability Conference (CSC), the premier event in Canada for cleaning, infection prevention and the rapidly growing sustainability market.

Learn From the Best

CSC 2020, co-hosted by conference founder, MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions, and its new strategic partner, the Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM), takes place April 7-8 at the Delta Toronto Airport Conference Centre in Toronto.

CSC 2020 is expected to draw an estimated 1,500 leaders from the education, health care, government, building service contractor, integrated facility services, property ownership and management and related sectors. This year’s outstanding keynote speakers and true subject-matter experts will present more than 25 sessions on relevant and timely topics related to cleaning, health and sustainability. It’s a prime opportunity to dive deep into these areas and take home real-life, practical tactics, processes and strategies that can be immediately implemented in your organization as well as shared with your customers.

Experience the Latest

The chance for professional development does not stop with the speaker presentations On the Expo floor, you will experience the latest, most innovative products and services available from 80-plus of the premier manufacturers in the cleaning, infection prevention and sustainability industries. Innovations in these sectors continues at a record pace—from robotics and Smart equipment to energized water and other green inventions—and as leaders, we must stay up-to-date and informed.

 Make Contact

Another huge benefit of CSC 2020 that I encourage you to take full advantage of is CSC 2020’s superior networking opportunities. The Tuesday evening Networking Reception provides a wonderful chance to build new and strengthen existing relationships, but it is far from the only opportunity during the two-day conference to do so. You will be able to talk one-on-one with vendors and customers on the Expo floor; attend informative and motivating presentations with colleagues at the CEO director, manager and supervisor level; vote for and congratulate the “Best of” award winners; and overall enjoy the best opportunity of the year to mix and mingle with leaders. You will even have an opportunity to meet with CSC 2020’s Youth Delegates to gain ideas and insights—and potential new hires—from up-and-coming generations.

CSC 2020 is the only event to bring the cleaning, infection prevention/health and sustainability industries all together—where they belong. I hope you will join us in making the connection between cleaning and the preservation of human health and our environment.

I look forward to meeting you in Toronto.

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